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A lifetime is spent building your wealth, so it is of utmost importance that it is managed wisely to preserve it. How do you go about achieving this, and who do you rely on for assistance?

You may be comfortable with managing your wealth yourself, or maybe you have worked with a bank, and perhaps you are satisfied, dissatisfied or never given a second thought to the results that have been achieved.

Regardless, you know that the wealth it has taken you a lifetime to achieve through hard work, dedication and persistence needs to grow. Without growth, your wealth will diminish, through taxation, expenditure, and inflation.

As a result of these risks, that every wealthy individual, we believe that the greatest threat to preserving wealth is inaction. The surest means to protect your wealth is to grow it.

To achieve this, you can rely on the well-established knowledge and experience of Proctor Game Rich Corporate’s team of wealth management specialists.

Our Wealth Management Experts

At Proctor Game Rich Corporate, our focus is on client service. Our business is rooted in the management of money. Your wealth manager is the best person to help you to do this. Proctor Game Rich Corporate understands the importance of long-term relationships and that understanding does not stop at the Proctor Game Rich Corporate-client relationship, but with our internal connections as well. The maturity of our wealth management teams provides reassurance and long-term stability to enable your wealth to grow.

Our Analysis Experts

Proctor Game Rich Corporate independent analysis teams are charged with identifying and evaluating the most promising investment opportunities for our wealth managers. Their analysis is built upon the investments core fundamentals.

Our Tax & Estate Experts

Proctor Game Rich Corporate wealth management clients will also have access to our tax and estate planning specialists. No one person can have all of the knowledge required to cover every individual’s, families, and jurisdiction’s, estate and tax planning needs, but Proctor Game Rich Corporate provides you with a single point of contact from where that information can be accessed.

Our Strategists & Economists

Our strategists and economists scrutinize the global markets and economic indexes to identify trends that will influence companies, industries, and countries. As a part of the investment process, our strategists and economists will determine what the ideal asset allocation mix is (between currencies, equities, bonds, commodities, and alternative assets) and what the ideal weighting for each asset class is to suit your portfolio.
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