Our Research


One of the great strengths of Proctor Game Rich Corporate has been our fundamental research.

At Proctor Game Rich Corporate, we believe that the key to representing our clients’ interests and helping them to achieve their financial goals, is the ability to identify and properly analyze investment opportunities. This is enabled by the depth of our comprehensive research program and our ability to identify long-term tenable drivers of performance.

We believe that if it were not for our independence, we would be unable to achieve the same levels of accuracy, objectivity or value from our analysis. This is why we incorporate comprehensive analysis into all of our processes and disciplines.

Proctor Game Rich Corporate is rightly proud of our analysis teams and their capabilities, enabling us to pass on industry-leading insights to our clients. All of our investment professionals, our client account managers, fund managers, and asset managers directly rely on the work that our teams of economists, researchers, analysts, and specialists carry out in their various spheres.

Buy-side research

Our team has extensive experience across geographic markets, asset classes, and industries, and can provide our investment professionals with expert credit, equity, and fixed income analysis. This analysis is funneled into a long-term value creation framework, which produces independent investment opportunity recommendations.

Fund Research

Proctor Game Rich Corporate’s expert team of independent researchers and financial analysts appraise, select and continuously monitor investment funds and products provided by third parties. These opportunities cover the full range of investment strategies, allowing for targeted funds on industries, markets, and alternative investments, or broader-based mutual and passive index funds.

Macro-economic Outlook

Our team of expert macro-economists constantly monitor streams of economic data, analyzing the fundamental building blocks of the global economies and what potential effect they can have on economic regions around the world, the financial markets and individual industries.

Risk Management

Proctor Game Rich Corporate and our team of risk management professionals have developed and maintain a suite of methodologies and frameworks that ensure that there are sufficient auditing of our business processes, operational, credit, and market risks and that the tolerances as defined are being maintained.

Estate Planning

Our tax advisers and multi-disciplinary legal professionals closely observe international and domestic regulatory and tax developments to create sound legal, tax and financial solutions in relation to wealth transfer, inheritance, and estate planning.

Transaction Experience

Our corporate finance professionals merge extensive legal, economic and business experience with technical expertise in financial, strategic and valuation analysis in order to develop and execute capital market and merger & acquisition transactions.

Private Equity

Proctor Game Rich Corporate private equity professionals possess significant knowledge and experience in carrying out performance reviews, due diligence, restructurings and exit planning.

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