Proctor Game Rich Corporate has extensive expertise in structuring and executing finance solutions customized to the requirements of medium and large corporations, financial institutions and government bodies.

Ever since our founding, we have provided capital market, merger & acquisition and private placement assistance to our clients across many different industries and market sectors.

Our focus, leading market relationship network and our corporate structures have been central to our delivering of customized, objective and independent advice. It is because of this that we have our reputation as one of the world’s leading independent providers of corporate advice.

Proctor Game Rich Corporate brings together our in-depth knowledge of legal, economic and cultural factors with broad expertise and technical ability in demesnes including project development & management, financial analysis, negotiation tactics, valuations, and post-transaction evaluations. As a result of our extensive networks throughout the industry, Proctor Game Rich Corporate’s team of corporate finance experts enable you to profit from the leading professional minds being applied to your project.

Bond Markets

Proctor Game Rich Corporate have extensive experience in providing advisory services to corporations seeking to raise funds through the global bond markets.

Proctor Game Rich Corporate can act as the lead underwriter and manager in a bond issue, being responsible, along with others, for the management of the offering and the sales process of the issuance to institutional investors.

Proctor Game Rich Corporate also provides a more generalized advisory service on debt to corporations, institutions and government bodies. Proctor Game Rich Corporate can act as an independent external party, providing clients with advice on a comprehensive range of debt-related options, including on the selection of the most appropriate debt instrument, fee structures, placement agents, maturity, timing the market, covenants and also provides advice and assistance with negotiations with all of the other involved parties.

Equity Markets

Proctor Game Rich Corporate provides companies and stakeholders with an active partner to help them to finance their growth plans or strategic exits through private placements, initial public offerings or follow on offerings.

Proctor Game Rich Corporate’s long experience and stature in the global financial marketplace, along with the excellent reputation of our research and analysis teams, provides our clients with an unparalleled partner to help them to realize their capital market transactions successfully.

Our access to a global network of high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors are central to our ability to facilitate the needs of our medium and large corporate clients’ access to the capital markets.

Proctor Game Rich Corporate has a strong record of accomplishment of IPO placements over the years and has been a leading partner in many follow-on offerings both of previous clients and new ones alike.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Proctor Game Rich Corporate’s merger and acquisition advisory service covers every stage of a transaction, from the evaluation of the transaction and of strategic alternatives, through negotiating the terms and on in the post-transaction assessment. We are there for our clients at every stage of the transaction. Over the years, we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in all types of operations, including mergers, acquisitions, divestment’s, leveraged buyouts, trade sales, public takeovers and more.

As well as advising the buy-side and sell-side on transactions, we also provide advice on post-transaction corporate and shareholder structures, as well as assistance with the development and delivery of public bids.

Proctor Game Rich Corporate brings together our in-depth knowledge of legal, economic and cultural factors with access to an unrivaled network of investors and target companies throughout the world.

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